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Current Exhibition

Art and Culture of Chinese Tea

Following the overall development of Chinese tea culture, this exhibition will collaborate with 中華點茶文化藝術推廣協會( Chinese Association for the Promotion of Tea Culture and Art ) to focus on the Song Dynasty's tea brewing method as this core exhibition theme. Additionally, it will introduce the various types of loose-leaf tea that followed the method of brewing tea, as well as the development of tea culture in Taiwan.

 Folklore Activity

In the old days, to celebrate the baby's first birthday, the One-Year-Old Catch ceremony will be held.

During the baby's first year of life, they learn to look, listen, grab, sit, and stand. Therefore, a very important purpose of the One-Year-Old Catch is to check the physical development of children.

Of course, One-Year-Old Catch also has a strong meaning of blessing. Due to the lower medical standards in the past, it was worth celebrating when children grew up safely to one year old.

That is why there will be a series of blessing ceremonies before the One-Year-Old Catch, including passing the wisdom door, and sitting in the ancient cradle, to thank the parents for their hard work.

After the these ceremonies, there will be a One-Year-Old Catch, allowing the children to choose a symbolic item that may represent their own life or career development in the future.

Upcoming Events.


The Taiwan Folk Museum holds market activities from time to time. There are some markets that have already been held like JOWO Market, The ARK Monster, Good Things, etc. In the future there will be flea markets and other activities.

Within the atmosphere and surroundings of the Taiwan Folk Museum, you are sure to enjoy a leisurely and pleasant weekend market.

One-Year-Old Catch

One-Year-Old Catch is historically regarded as a solemn ceremony. Apart from checking the baby's physical development, the career aspirations of the baby will also be suggested through the One-Year-Old Catch. The ceremony is full of blessing. Over time, people gradually focus more on family gatherings and on celebrating the safedevelopment of their children. For a special experience for your baby, hold your own One-Year-Old Catch ceremony in the Taiwan Folk Museum’s traditional building.

Traditional event

Traditional Wedding

The etiquette of "bridegroom inviting bride in court" (bridegroom comes to bride’s home and welcome in person in hall) began to appear in traditional wedding from the Xia and Shang dynasties.

Before that, there was only a bride price, and the process of "must tell parents about the marriage" was added later. A complete wedding etiquette was gradually formed until the Zhou Dynasty which paid attention to etiquette.

Use the ancient-style venue of the Taiwan Folk Museum to hold events. The small and exquisite Taiwanese wedding will leave precious memories for the couple.

Coming soon

Cultural Curriculum

We invite professional teachers to the Taiwan Folk Museum to run arts and literature courses like calligraphy, ink painting, tea ceremonies,engraving and carpentry.

We provide people in neighboring communities with the opportunity to participate in arts courses in an antique environment, enabling important culture arts and humanities to be passed on to new generations.

There is a place for learning in the community,

which fully realizes the spirit of " Neighborgood".

Coming soon


Venue Introduction

The Taiwan Folk Museum, located in the Taichung Folk Park, is a residential quadrangle building imitating the traditional Fujian-style architecture. The Taiwan Folk Museum, with the main museum building, Folk-Art House and Courtyard Garden as the three main bodies, is a multi-functional park. It has exhibitions rooms, an education hall, and recreation area, holding various activities, performances and lectures from time to time .

Lecture halls, squares, stages, classrooms, exhibition rooms and other short-term rental spaces are provided in the building that the public and organisations are welcome to hire and use.


Taiwan Folk Museum

The Rotary Club of Taichung and local gentry collect cultural relics from the people's lives in the early years of the Taiwan Folk Museum, and displayed them in Taichung City Council.

Since 1976, cultural relics have been moved to Baojue Temple in Taichung for storage. To collect cultural relics in a more systematic manner, gentries such as Chen Tianji, the founder of Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Xi Dejin the artist, Yu Ruji the photographer, and Lin Borong, the former mayor of Taichung City, promoted the collection for museum establishment. Donated by the chairman of Wenying Foundation, the museum was built in 1981and officially opened in 1990.

​​Getting Here

There are paid public parking lots, bus stops and MRT stations nearby.

For Driving guide, surrounding parking information, simplified map showing the location of public transportation, please click below to learn more.

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